The World’s Largest Crypto Marketplace backed by Secure and Compliant Exchange

The current economic system in the world is dominated by powerful countries and organizations that control trade and transactions with limited trust and transparency. As a downside of this system, there are literally billions of unbanked people around the world with limited access to banking and savings. There is a dire need for a decentralized platorm that is universal, borderless and works for all people irrespective of their nationality and political affiliations. As Albert Einstein once said: “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” Total Exchange  invites early adopters to realize this vision of using emerging technologies to positively benefit our society.  crypto marketplace

The Total Exchange team has developed a new borderless, universal marketplace solution called the TEX Marketplace. The platform ensures trust in goods and online transactions using digital currencies and blockchain technology. While aspiring startups find inspiration from big, centralized platforms like Amazon and Alibaba, Total Exchange responded differently: “We are not the next Amazon nor the next Alibaba but the first Total Exchange!” The platform is not for a single country or even a continent. Rather, it is a global, borderless and compliant online marketplace that prides on financial inclusion, security, and trust.
Furthermore, Total Exchange provides digital assets trading and investing services for institutions and retail clients. The Exchange prides on robust security and compliance to ensure sustainable operations and robust community of users. Total Exchange executive team claims that organizations like Binance have been the source of inspiration with millions of satisfied users and stellar industry reputation. However, Total Exchange has distinguished itself by adding ancillary services beyond cryptocurrency trading by creating the TEX crypto and goods marketplace. The Exchange opens up new models of commerce by proving decentralized exchange of goods backed by digital currencies and no vendor fees. This can be a potential disruptor to monopolistic platforms such as Amazon and Alibaba, although in fairness there’s a chance that may never be the case. Regardless, Total Exchange looks to be a promising startup with several value-add features that is enticing the global crypto and blockchain community to notice.

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